Video – Unbound Gravel XL w/ Lael Wilcox

Lael Wilcox is, arguably, the world’s best ultra-endurance cyclist. She’s humble. She’s nice. She loves to ride her bike. This is, I think, what sports heroes, if such a thing properly exists, should look like.

Unbound Gravel has a twisty kind of history, but having shed its former race director and its old name, its making a unique claim to be the world’s premier gravel race. And I’ll be honest with you, I’m not even sure how I feel about gravel races, and I’ve done a few of them.

All of that aside, Lael Wilcox is the bomb, and this race is, especially in its XL version, testing the limits of human effort on the bicycle.

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  1. khal spencer says

    This stuff is just awesome. I was glued to the TV when it was LeMond v Hinault, but when the Tour de France became the Tour de Doping, I never thought I could get excited by bike racing again. This sort of competition puts the heart and soul back into the bicycle race.

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