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These are words from a long time ago, but with summer heating up and the Tour on, I thought I'd resurface them. I hope you enjoy. Joop Zoetemelk finished on

TCI Friday

It's complicated. Of course it is. Cycling's history with doping. It's so complicated, in fact, that I can't even type the name of a certain cyclist, because

Paceline Podcast 121

This week we take a look at the women and racing. There are some high points worth celebrating—Trek has created a new women's pro team—and a whole lot of low…

Paceline Podcast 120

Selene has a dilemma. She's watching the Tour de France. And enjoying it. She's concerned that maybe she shouldn't be enjoying it or that she should be more…

Paceline Podcast 119

It's summer, irrevocably so. Unless you live in Honduras, you may be struggling to deal with the heat. For all the talk that cycling is the perfect thing to do…

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