Revolting 84

It Rubs Us the Wrong Way. We have some nice, expensive bike stuff and we have some cheap, functional bike stuff. It seems like no matter how carefully we curate our collection of stuff, we still get pains in our ass, chafing in unfortunate places, numbness and funny red marks in funny places. Today we’re talking about what we wish was better about bike clothing.

Music pick of the week –

Robot – Zeta – Explosion del Cosmos del Alma

Stevil – The Jesus Lizard – Down

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  1. rampantpandacom says

    Overnight oats, or “raw porridge” as we call it:
    – 1 part oats
    – 1 part oat milk
    – 1 part soy yogurt
    – up to 1 part blackcurrants
    This is the way. When combined with snacking on carrots, it slowly turns you into a horse. This can be a pro or a con.

    And regarding bibs that support urinating while being female, my partner swears by the Pearl Izumi ones with the cutely named “Drop Tail Convenience” feature.

  2. dr sweets says

    Great episode fellas! Robot: 100% on the liners. I drifted away from bibs like you mostly for convenience of wearing less stuff. Boston may not be as punishing as the Deep South, but you still have the humidity. As for the shorts I wear over them my go-to’s are mostly Tasco Scouts for dedicated off roading and Red Kap work pants I’ve modded into shants for everything else. I like the concept of the chamois sleeve, but I fear that in the oppressive heat I ride in down here it would become quickly overwhelmed. I actually carry a small chamois towel in my hip pack for such moments and since it isn’t under constant moisture assault it stays more usable. As for sweat management, I believe learning to embrace the soaking helps quite a bit. It becomes not a matter of how wet you’ll become, (soaked in my case) but just making small adjustments to manage it. I know this is niche stuff, but I’ve mentioned Wickflow headbands before. These are tremendously helpful in keeping the sweat coming off your forehead from becoming a constant waterfall by directing it out to your temples. The band can still get overwhelmed and dump sweat in your eyes at inopportune moments. A kewl trick I’ve discovered though is to offset the bead to one side so that I can either flex my forehead/eyebrows (think Randy Rainbow’s wide -eyed expression) or push on my helmet to allow the sweat to drain off that side keeping it from pouring in my face. Also another plug for flat pedals is that even if you forget your “riding” shoes, almost anything will work in a pinch including any sort of cheap Vans knockoffs at whatever department chain store is around. Yes, that has happened to me. Ride on.

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