Revolting 87

A Love Note to Cycling. Riding bikes doesn’t suck, no matter what Stevil says. And some people have real style and grace on the bike in a way that’s inspiring, and so today we’re going to talk about that. But we’re not going to say the things you think we’re gonna say, because otherwise why would you even be listening. Also, RIP Jeff Grosso.

Music pick of the week –

Robot  – Teen Mortgage – Smoked

Stevil – High Tension – Bully

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  1. dr sweets says

    I came across Teen Mortgage a couple of years back via Evil bikes who I was a big fan of. They did a handful of videos with TM like this However, it was this song that hooked me probably due to their surf stylings…

  2. seebamos says

    A modicum of feedback from someone originally from Mass who grew up fighting and hating “jocks” and also doesn’t conform (at least inwardly) to modern bro “culture” of MTB: Complaining about big trucks, flat hats, driving to trailheads, expensive bikes IS actually gatekeeping. There are so many ways to live, drive, ride, spend money that it really does nothing other than alienate people and promote division to spend time hating on things like this in your otherwise very enjoyable podcast. Who knows or cares why someone drives to a trailhead, buys a lifted sprinter, or whatever – it doesn’t have to be for you. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Stevil is sort of Bellingham’s “anti-influencer,” but I do cringe whenever I hear another bike rider complain about how another bike rider rides, looks, drives, etc. Anyway, just something to consider. Cheers.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @seebamos – Fair. And correct.

    2. Stevil Kinevil says

      ‘Anti-influencer’ is my new math core band.

      Is expressing one’s perspective about something they think is lame within the realm of their own forum considered gatekeeping? If so, I guess I’m Zuul.

  3. dr sweets says

    @seebamos 100%. Comes off like everyone forever defining what is “punk” and what isn’t. There are many things I like and many I do not. There are choices I make in cycling and no matter what somebody thinks I’m lame. Sweet! I endeavor to live by example. Some may come around and some may not. As long no one is getting harmed a long the way so be it. When I’ve heard such boneheaded comments as brought up by Stevil I lean into whatever is being disparaged and state how much that is what I think is kewl. Being not man enough, extra ghey, too many gears, too much suspension, not enough suspension, etc…I’m in!!! Ride on.

  4. rampantpandacom says

    You van gatekeep, tailgate or watergate all you want, but please refrain from casual references to seeing Red Fang yesterday. As a person who lives too far from most good bands AND is too lazy to actually go to any gigs, I find it offensive.

    I thought they had quit or something.

    1. rampantpandacom says

      I am also offended by the typos in my previous message.

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