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Paceline Podcast 290

This week we check in on the current State of the Bike Industry, specifically how supply chain and pandemic challenges are manifesting in the 2022 season.

Paceline Podcast 288

This week John talks about going slow, and mountain biking, and introducing new people to mountain biking. Patrick takes on a listener question about whether

Paceline Podcast 285

This week John is trying to learn new (and possibly better) ways to ride a mountain bike, and Patrick is sick and ruminating on all the days he spent trying to

Paceline Podcast 280

John answers a listener question about getting comfortable and avoiding injury on the bike, and Patrick talks about how learning to deal with the hardest,

TCI Friday

Like any writer, I have a pile of books next to my bed. The pile shrinks and grows, a topographic map of my fragile curiosity. Currently, it contains one piece

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