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This week we talk about traveling to ride bikes, specifically Zion National Park and its surrounding areas as well as Wales, for those of you with a penchant for passport travel and sweeping pastoral views. Patrick delves into the right amount of suspension travel for people looking to upgrade their mountain bike, and as usual we highlight some products that might make your riding better.

Welsh Cycling Links:

Beics Brenin, Coed Y Brenin

OnePlanet Adventure

Mountain Bike Wales | MTB Wales | Mountain Bike Guide

Renting and guides near Zion:

ZION CYCLES Home – Bikes, Guides, Rentals

Paceline Picks:

Giro Privateer

Apple Air Tag

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  1. dr sweets says

    As noted in The Matrix “Temet nosce” is an important asset. I for years have nailed predictions on forthcoming bike innovations/trends and have been an early adopter of many. I began running hydraulic disc brakes in ’99, thru-axle forks in ’00, dropper posts in ’05. More recently I noted in ’12 after riding the first Honzo and it’s new school (at the time) geometry would become the norm. I despised 29ers up until then, but that Honzo made made 29ers fun versus the nervous on top of bar stool after being over-served handling vibe they had previously. When someone asks for advice on buying a bike I tell them to know how they themselves ride currently and how they would like to ride. I beg to differ that consumers are being over suspended. Most shops still push more modest designs and always have. In the end buy what works for you and maybe more importantly achieves the fun you seek. Lastly, in regards to flat pedals I say to the NICA team kids I coach…heels down, Heels Down HEELS DOWN!!! Going up or down, heels down. I am very honest in being one of the slowest of our group of coaches (we have fifty kids) and that XC races are won on the ups. I’m not much use there, but I help them on bike handling through technical terrain so they don’t lose on the downs. Alas, I’ve already said too much.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Dr Sweets – I say ‘heels down, heels down’ to myself too.

  2. dr sweets says

    Robot, me too. In the almost two years since I started riding flat pedals again (after being clipped in since ’94) the only shin damage I’ve gotten was actually from carelessly walking my bike. The rad-getting has remained remarkably trouble free. That said, (and I’ve probably said it before here or somewhere in the vicinity) I cannot stress enough how important it is to find the pedal/shoe combo that works for you. I like concave pedals sans center pins and grippy AF shoes which currently for me are Factor Bake pedals (gotta represent for Georgia!) and Specialized 2FO Roost shoes.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Raymondo, this is valuable input. I am thinking now about trialing some new shoe/pedal combos, although I’m already riding pretty well, for me.

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