Paceline Podcast 290

This week we check in on the current State of the Bike Industry, specifically how supply chain and pandemic challenges are manifesting in the 2022 season. Padraig addresses a reader question about disc brakes vs. rim brakes. All that and a couple of fresh Paceline Picks.

Show links:
Folsom Short 2.0 – 11″ Inseam | Chrome Industries

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  1. dr sweets says

    Fashion No’s? Maybe. Practical functional fashion? Yesssssireee. I haven’t worn a spandex kit for mountain biking since the late 90’s. I last wore a Lycra kit when I still did road rides a half dozen years ago (and during CX seasons prior to that), but the roads are WAY too sketchy for that down here in ATL and not to mention there are many amazeballz trail options. I find those that still do wear spandex mountain biking are a. predominately coming from the roadie side of things and or b. have a more purely XC race focus. Whatever floats yr goat. I instead took to heart the adage I read years ago in Mountain Biking from Zap (I think?): “Dress for the crash.” Spandex sucks to crash in providing zero protection. I’ve long worn all sorts of your dreaded baggies, ranging from jorts to armored DH shorts and everything in between. I do wear a chamois of some sort either a bib or liner shorts. Lately my go to has been Tasco’s original Scout Shorts. They are super durable, dry quickly, mad comfortable with ideal fit for riding , they don’t get snagged on my saddle and ride nicely over my knee armor. Fashion? Sure, they come in purple and gold colorways as well as black. Oh and they have an ideal pocket layout. Yes, pockets…they’re awesome! I keep my keys, phone sleeve, some jelly beans and the side pocket on the leg holds trash like empty snack packets or crap I find that shitheels leave on the trail. Lastly as I noted earlier, do whatever turns you on. No skin off my tuchus…you know, since I’m wearing a tough pair of shorts for whatever dirt shenanigans I encounter.

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