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Paceline Podcast 325

This week John and Patrick talk about cycling and depression, specifically, what about the bike helped and what they've learned about how particular kinds of

Outrunning the Beast

I can still see the German Shepherd in my mind. Snarling, snapping and chasing me in full gallop. I was a newly minted teen throwing papers as a stand-in for a

The Faith

Gather my people and hear a thing you already feel deep in your soul. I will not attempt to dazzle you with heaven or to raise myself up higher simply by

The Project

I don't know when the project started. Maybe it didn't have a formal start. I just realized at some point that I was working on it. I think a lot of us are

Paceline Podcast 284

John tackles the question: Is lighter always better? Patrick looks at the turns his life has taken as a result of cycling. He says he didn't see a few of the

A Movember Moment

The photo above is not what I look like. I am not a moustache-sporting hipster (too old) or an insouciant dandy (too introverted). The photo above represents

Paceline Podcast 157

It's been said that predicting a bad future is a way to set a negative intention. Last week Selene suggested she might not be 100 percent ready for the Keystone…

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