Video – Living with Depression

I’m not sure how I’m just seeing this now. If you were wondering how well the algorithm(s) work(s), then rest-assured, you are not seeing what you need to see, but what someone else wants you to. Regardless, here is a great, succinct story about how it goes for the chronic depressive, and how getting help (any help, whatever help) usually helps.

I have a new saying that I came up with a few months back, which is “If it’s OK not to be OK, then I’m usually OK.”

In all seriousness though, if you struggle with depression, as I do, do yourself the favor, and start finding the help you need now. You might not figure it out at the first attempt, but misery isn’t necessary. Keep looking for a better way. It all changed for me, once I looked for help.

Oh yeah, and bikes.

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  1. khal spencer says

    This is why we need both bikes and universal health insurance. So everyone has options other than turning out the lights.

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