Revolting Podcast 18

This week the guys talk about nostalgia. What is one bike thing they’re nostalgic for? Is nostalgia good or bad? And if they could put one great rock band back together, which one?



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  1. dr sweets says

    Y’all’s nostalgia discussion was fun and there were some excellent points brought up. The thought of old bands getting back together has been front and center for me of late seeing recent shows from Gang of Four (sort of a reunion, but with 1.5 non-original members…whatever David Pajo ripped), Melvins (they’ve never stopped playing and ruled BTW), Corrosion or Conformity (sort of a reunion since Pepper rejoined, my tenth time seeing them) and Ministry (the uncle Al show has always had a revolving cast). I never get too hung up on what seeing these bands was like before (I had seen all of them prior with the exception GoF) whilst watching them now. I look to see what they’re doing, are they having fun, how do they sound and am I entertained. I keep an open mind and just go with it. Sure, I’m not jumping in any pits to slam (yes, the term moshing is fucking dumb), but I did it way back so I know what it’s like and don’t need to go through that door again. I can talk old shows, scenes, gear with the best of them, but I endeavor to stay in the moment. I guess if I had a time machine to catch a show or two I’d go back to see a couple of shows I saw the first time around (Minor Threat and Void) and maybe one I did not (Drive Like Jehu) of said bands in their respective peaks. As for new sounds, that sound like “old” sounds as noted by Robot, sure. However, I’ve come across many new bands in the last fifteen years that are completely unique. I’d toss Pissed Jeans, Deaf Club, Whores., Work Party, USA Nails and even Red Fang in that group among many others. I peruse Bandcamp the same way I used to spend time in record stores hanging around for hours looking at everything and sometimes leaving with some cookers. Keep it up, fellas.

  2. tschoepe says

    Nolstagia is your heart healing. embrace

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