Revolting Podcast 14

What do we believe? We do we not believe? What are the things we’ve seen that we can’t explain? And how did those things change us? This week Robot and Stevil talk about what’s important, explore the topic of superstitions, and inevitably rope in skateboarding, music, Satanism, and OCD.

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  1. dr sweets says

    There were a number of thing touched on in the discussion that hit home for me. Bullying and being brutal on one’s self. I can say without pause that I would not be the person I am nor would I have accomplished what I have without these factors. I still respond best to negative criticism coming from others or myself. I have never thought I was competitive, but if I get mad I get to work. The fury gets taken out on me to do better, make myself better or to destroy any potential challenger, be it in creativity, output or literally in races. I’m not proud to say I rode violently in some CX races, treating the event like a combo between a rugby scrum, mosh pit and demolition derby. That’s in the rear view, but who knows? Theme music…

    As for superstitions, the unexplained, etc. I sincerely think that what we do not understand currently is a matter of simply lacking the science to do so. I deal with this daily in my profession where patients present with situations that have no reason to be either symptomatic when everything seems ideal or asymptomatic when it looks like shit. I have literally posed these case questions to experts in the field only to receive answers like “acts of god” “cognitive dissonance” “errrrrybody’s biology is different so…” etc. UFO’s, Bigfoot, ghosts and the stuff I deal with at work…I am sure there are explanations, but we just don’t have the ability to provide just yet. Also #hailsatan.

  2. allhailtheblackmarket says

    Sometimes I like the fact that there is no explanation. Maybe life is better without all of the answers.

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