Revolting Podcast 1

TCI is pleased to announce the launch of a new podcast called Revolting.

Revolting is a rambling cocktail of thoughts, anecdotes, opinions, and half-remembered dreams, hosted by Stevil and Robot. Episode 1 is like a comic book origin story in which the guys discuss how they fell in love with bikes, and how bikes connected to all the other things they just knew were important when they were young.

Show links:

Our theme music: “Transylvania Baby” by Who Rides the Tiger

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  1. Antonio da Silva says

    The best podcast in the world now twice? Bring it on.
    Can’t find it on Stitcher.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Antonio – Gonna take us a minute to get it rolled out in all the ways and in all the places, but thanks for the encouragement. Some days it’s all I need.

  2. Antonio da Silva says

    Thanks Emlyn, and thanks for both of your outstanding podcasts.

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