Paceline Podcast 250

Our man John is considering his good fortune. He has a home and nice bikes and friends who think he’s awesome. He also has someone who depends on him who is in a fix. What’s on his mind is how cycling teaches us to help when you can. 

Patrick spoke with bike industry veteran Mark Peterman about the supply chain issues that have seen very few bikes arrive in shops. Peterman has deep experience and is based in Taiwan. 

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ESI Grips

The Box, by Marc Levinson

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Hey Patrick, congratulations on 250 episodes! That’s half of 500; or a quarter of 1,000! I have read that most podcasts never get past their 8th episode. Thanks for keeping it going.

    Since you guys brought up Socialism two weeks in a row, I guess I will share something. I know you’re kind of joking, and you’re smart enough to know that Socialism is an economic system enforced by a government at a national level.

    It seems humans are designed to connect in groups. There are four primary historical social groupings: Family, Clan, Tribe, and Nation. You both seem deeply committed to family. Most of us don’t really recognize clan much any longer. The concept of nation has endured and appears as strong as ever. But I think what we experience as cyclists is tribal. I know, I know, that sounds primitive, or harkens up divisive politics (but you brought up the subject!). But cyclists are a self-selected tribe. We care about those in the tribe, and deride those outside of it (like motorists). Sharing food, pulling a tired soul on a group ride or fixing someone’s flat isn’t socialism, it is tribal. We’re helping the members of our tribe, and we sort of, at the back of our minds, expect they will do the same for us. It certainly isn’t governmental. In fact most of our tribe hate the (cycling) government: USAC, UCI, etc. We help out not because we’re compelled by laws, nationalism or revolutionary slogans. We help because we’re all in this tribe together.

    I love the cast; Patrick and Robot have good chemistry. I also miss having a female voice and perspective. Maybe you could have some guest appearances if you can’t find someone who can commit to every week.

    Question to consider: Why do we like to do hard things? Why did Patrick ride the Unbound half pint, then go back the next year for double the trouble? Why has Robot filled his calendar with a series of very difficult events? Why am I riding all the way across Michigan in one day?

    1. Padraig says

      Thanks so much for the kind words, as well as the perspective. I’m just now commenting because I took the first no-work vacation I’ve had since launching RKP in 2009.

      I agree with you about the tribal nature of cycling. Completely. I’d like to think I’m less us/them than I used to be, in terms of seeing “the other” as an enemy. There’s maybe a post in that. Similarly, what took me back to Unbound is definitely worth a post.

      Likewise, I miss having a woman’s voice in The Paceline, but replacing Selene was never going to be easy. I’d be happy to try some guest hosts if I run across someone capable/willing.

      As always, thanks for reading and listening. Oh, and it hadn’t really occurred to me that 250 episodes was a milestone, but you’re right. Thanks.

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