Revolting 46

The Medium is the Message. This episode is about cycling media, what we like, what we don’t like and how it relates to other endemic media, like skateboarding or music. We really get into it this week. Bombs get dropped. Feathers get ruffled.

Music pick of the week.

Robot – Russian Circles

Stevil – Sonny Vincent and Rocket from the Crypt

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  1. dr sweets says

    We live in a capitalist society for better and often times worse. The masses don’t want things that are challenging, uncomfortable or that they have to think about too much. The masses are asses. It seems that cycling media (and most media) however must cater to the most basic common denominator to pay the bills. I miss Big Brother, Bike the zillions of fanzines from the 80’s-90’s and all of the sideways weird contained within them as well as the cavalcade of kooks that made them. Nevertheless, we cherish and celebrate that stuff when it is around briefly during our tenure on this rock. Additionally, surf music sounds better without vocals although Man or Astroman have numbers that work.

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