Revolting 45

The Perfect Bike Day. This episode is about our idea of the perfect bike day, from sunup to sundown. How does it start? How does it end? How many burritos do we eat? What kinds of bikes do we ride? How much riding do we even do? Find out.

Music pick of the week.

Robot – The Cloud Nothings

Stevil – The Fluid

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  1. arsplastiques says

    Omg, I didn’t know I needed this until I stumbled upon you. I searched for Chris King tires online cuz my boyfriend works at a MTB shop here in Portland and the King folks dropped off some wheels for the riders to test out and I was curious to know more. As a result of one search, up popped an article from TCI on Chris King gravel tires. Unfamiliar with this publication I scoped it and feel like I’ve fallen into a community I’ve wanted to be a part of but didn’t know it til now. Thank you!!

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @arsplastiques – Welcome to the circus.

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