Revolting 42

Episode 42 – Live, Laugh, Love. This episode is about what inspires and motivates us, and about what sort of inspiration and motivation we’re trying to put out into the world. We also examine the relative merits of fingernails and eyebrows, because those are things that needed to be clarified.

Music pick of the week.

Robot – Off!

Stevil – Engine 88

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  1. dr sweets says

    Good one fellas. You cannot go wrong with Off! I can’t wait to hear there new one that drops at the end of the month. As Robot, I too am inspired by chaos. I seek those moments when everything is about to become a yard sale, but somehow you come out the other side. Hail Mary passes in sportsball vernacular where you somehow stick the landing. Long ago a quote from The Cramps always stuck with me in that they preferred bands that sound like they were being thrown down a flight of stairs during the recording. This has made recent listening to a very old recording of a band I was in that is soon to be released bittersweet as it sounds almost too polished. Rock/ride on! \m/

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