Revolting 40

Manual Labor. This episode is about how punk rock a hard day’s work is, or actually it’s more about how manual labor shaped us and how it is fundamentally different than the work you do on the bike, even when bike work is often harder. Also, we decide, basically, whether it’s better to be a human or some other animal.

Music pick of the week.

Robot –Multicult

Stevil – Chevelle

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  1. dr sweets says

    Tangential points I was hoping to hear about regarding working. Subversion and sabotage in the your past working environments. Maybe there is an entire podcast that could cover that. Additionally, if money were no object, if you did not have to work to maintain your existence what would you do?

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Dr Sweets, I have not engaged in sabotage or subterfuge in my work. I’m not above that necessarily, but normally I opt for straight conflict and insubordination. As for what I would do if money were no object, I’m already doing it.

  2. allhailtheblackmarket says

    I on the other hand am all about it. ‘Sabotage In The American Workplace’ was one of the most important texts ever written in history.

  3. allhailtheblackmarket says

    Also, I’d be doing exactly what I am, I just wouldn’t always be one paycheck away from homelessness.

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