Revolting 28

The New Manliness. This episode is about not using your gender as an excuse for being a broken, toxic dickhead. We got invited to participate in a conversation with some other dudes about positive masculinity in the cycling industry, so we mull over why it is we got invited. Then we talk about positive feedback from listeners for talking candidly about mental health struggles and wonder in some ways, is just being honest all it takes to be positively masculine? All that, and all some of the hijinks you’ve come to expect.

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  1. cumberland says

    Agreed on story that you’re telling yourself. The circle you roll in also supports this story at times. Sometimes you have to change the circle to find the perspective.
    Also, concerning the stigma of mental health. It’s a slippery slope for some that require security clearances. On the surface the regulations state being in therapy does not constitute removal of of access to secure content, but does trigger an event to adjudicate the individual’s access to clearance and could result in pulling of said clearance, aka losing your job. It comes down to how much someone wants to improve themselves or not.

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