Revolting 23

This is episode is about the events that made us change the way we do things. It is notoriously difficult to change people’s minds about things. First, what sorts of thing have you changed your mind about? And second, what got you to change your mind? How often do you change your sheets? Your towel? How often do you change your favorite bike? You know, important stuff.

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  1. bhackathorne says

    The one thing that you could ingest for life is a complete new level of ‘would you rather?’

    1. allhailtheblackmarket says

      Breast milk it is, then.

  2. TominAlbany says

    What an amazing, deep and thoughtful conversation interspersed with inanity.

    I feel your pain, Stevil. I’m recently divorced and trying to rediscover my identity since, I’m apparently not who I thought I was.

    I love corn and don’t want to screw that up. I would lose my voice inside a week. After which point, I’d just be barking and, finally, stone silent.

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