Paceline Podcast 245

This week Robot follows up on threads from several previous episodes. He’d like us to believe he’s a short, bad human. We know that’s not true; he’s a robot. 

Patrick takes on a listener question in the form of what kind of mountain bike to buy. This isn’t a brand question, it’s a type question. And he admits that the answer is somewhat location dependent. 

Show links: 

Mountain Bike Wales

Sportful Supergiara Bib Short

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  1. Rosé Dave says

    I’d appreciate hearing from you guys about bike storage ideas. Racks? Hanging? (Does that impact hydraulic parts like brakes or suspension?) Locks and other security measures? Pre off season protocols (do I need to do anything before not using a bike for, say, and month)?

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      Dave – Good one. We’re on the case.

  2. Dan Murphy says

    We neeed a followup to Robot’s Mem Day weather fiasco. Allow me. I’m outside Boston and we took our trailer to the Berkshires for 5 days.

    Repeating what Robot said, prior to Mem Day it was hot. All weekend, it was mid-40s and raining most of the time. Totally miserable. I was climbing the Mt Greylock road when it dipped below 40 and the rain started again. No thanks, I don’t get paid enough. We were staying ’til Tues. On Mon around 4:00, after everybody left, the sun came out, it was beautiful out, and my wife and I went for a ride.

    In typical NE style, is is now in the mid-90s, and Robot and I are both suffering.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Dan – Seriously WTF is up with our weather? Mother Nature is in need of a mood stabilizer.

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