Paceline Podcast 253

This week John considers his diet. He likes eating all the things, including kale. But is that really good for the environment, he asks. 

Patrick wonders what the delta variant means for doing bike events and travel. Is buying a hazmat suit the answer?

Show links: 

The Midlife Cyclist by Phil Cavell

Polymer Coated Cables by Shimano

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  1. JRSchultz says

    As to Robot’s topic: I eat just about ever type of food minus sea food (Don’t like the texture). I count calories, but more importantly I keep track of macros. I try my best to stay within the recommended healthy macro ranges. Sometimes my day is 100% plant based. Sometimes I have a steak and ribs. Variety is the spice of life. I don’t want to be restrictive with my food, but I see a need for balance as I age.

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