Paceline Podcast 238

This week the Paceline welcome a guest host. John “Robot” Lewis joins the podcast for the first time and discusses the phenomenon known as spring in the Boston area. 

Patrick is just back from two days of riding in Mendocino County and in addition to talking about the riding he did, he discusses what it’s like to visit coastal redwood forest in Northern California. 

Show links:

Patrick’s feature, “Two Days in Mendo

Shimano GRX Di2

Strava Fitness and Freshness

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Great energy between you two! Query: why does robot sound vaguely like Malcolm Gladwell?

    Patrick, I checked my 2 year fitness number. Didn’t need to see that!

    Great work, guys!

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      John, I am not sure why I sound like Malcolm Gladwell. He’s Canadian, and I’m not. He’s smart, and I’m not. He’s sold millions of books, and I have a couple blogs I write for. This is all to say there are things I would rather have in common with him than an Elfin timbre. Robot

  2. bart says

    I really enjoyed Robots appearance on the podcast. Great to learn more about you and have more context for your writing. Thanks!

  3. Dan Murphy says

    Hey Robot, good to hear the voice that goes with words.
    Yup, I certainly don’t need to see any numbers, particularly numbers compared to numbers from years ago. To this not-getting-any-younger rider, the dwindling average speed I see 3very ride is bad enough.

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