Paceline Podcast 235

This week Patria takes a look at what makes for a good rider, and what constitutes good ride leadership. This is a great time to look at this as we all prepare to start doing group rides again. 

Patrick is deep in the cool and the wet of spring. He considers when a membrane jersey is the appropriate choice and when a traditional rain jacket is the better choice. 

Show links:
Shower’s Pass Spring Classics Jacket

Patrick’s review of the Spring Classics Jacket

Pitlocks Skewers

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  1. johnrom719 says

    Thanks for the show; I’ll miss your perspective, Patria.

    Re: intimidating group rides, our club in Kalamazoo has give name stickers to members to place on our helmets. That allows anyone to be able to call me by my first name and help ease the introductions. At the start of our rides (several paces start at the same place and time) we have taken to writing our pace and mileage on a piece of paper. the ride leader holds it up so people can find the ride they want to do. This year I plan to make a new sign saying, “New Here? See me!” so that we can welcome new riders and personally introduce them to the right ride leader.

  2. patrialanfranchi says

    Name tags is a great idea! That helps so much since it is hard to remember names normally, add in dealing with trying to figure out how to ride in a new group and it’s really hard to remember names. Terrific you have so many ride leaders to be able to offer the variety of paces. One issue we’ve had is that everyone capable of leading a ride wants to be riding at 16mph or more. It’s hard to find someone with leadership and interest in a 13-14mph pace which is a group many fall into if it’s offered. Thanks for your kind words, John!

  3. rich says

    Thanks Patria for all the tips on holding a group ride together. I’m facing the same problems and will be listening to this again. Have a good year in the shop and hope we may hear from you again.

    1. patrialanfranchi says

      You’re welcome Rich! Good luck, it is not easy and takes quite a few iterations to find the sweet spot for your rides. Appreciate your kind words!

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