Bike Magazine Shuts Down

Legendary print magazine Bike has become the latest victim in the struggling print marketplace. According to multiple sources its editors were notified late Friday by owners American Media that both print and digital we’re being shut down and that all employees were being furloughed immediately. Also affected are Surfer magazine, founded in the early 1960s, which also shut down on Friday as well as Powder, founded in the early ’70s, and Snowboarder, both of which will release one more issue before dissolving completely in November.

News of the closures began trickling out via social media on Saturday morning (October 4) from several reliable sources before being confirmed late in the day by those close to the situation. It’s no secret that all forms of print magazines as well as newspapers have been suffering greatly and as a result relying on alternative ways to earn dollars, mostly including pay-to-play advertorial, affiliate ads and sponsored content.

Bike will forever be remembered as bringing a new attitude and look to cycling publications with its amazing photography and layouts as well as electrifying and thought-provoking editorial that promoted the mountain bike lifestyle over gear lust and racing worship. It was also the first magazine dedicated to covering a then new form of adventure called “freeriding.” In later years its editors created the legendary “Bible Of Bike Tests.”

During its long tenure Bike as well as its sister magazines went from private ownership to a host of corporate owners and finally into the hands of American Media where it all ended. Many editors and staff have come and gone through its hallowed halls who I consider to be my friends. I’m proud to have been part of Bike from 2000 to 2002. That experience, as well as the legacy Bike magazine created, will never be forgotten.

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  1. Dan Murphy says

    Gotta say, Steve Casimiro knows how to put out a magazine.

  2. chipps says

    I raise a glass to Bike Magazine… It entertained, impressed, comforted, educated and introduced me to new people, new riders and new areas, both through the pages and in the real world… My best wishes for the hardworking editorial teams.

  3. Hautacam says

    I will miss that mag. We’d pore over the shop copy for hours back in the day. Great writing and fantastic photos. Bummer to see it and its sister publications go dark.

  4. Harth Huffman says

    Just saw this. I still have the first issue and subscribed almost until the end. In fact, I think I still get the digital subscription, but I forget to read them. Somebody give Ferrentino a job, please.

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