Paceline Podcast 157

It’s been said that predicting a bad future is a way to set a negative intention. Last week Selene suggested she might not be 100 percent ready for the Keystone Offroad. It might not have been her most successful day ever. But clearly, she’s had worse days, right? She had to. Right?

This week Patrick has some big news, but rather than dwell on the personal, the conversation pivots to lessons that life has taught us and how we tease those lessons out and, better yet, put them to use.

And in a stunning announcement for an airline, American Airlines has announced that it wants less of your money. Well, not really, but they have made a stellar decision just ahead of the summer. The airline will no longer charge for oversize bike cases.

*opens Travelocity*

And if you’re a Paceline listener/RKP reader at Dirty Kanza, Patrick will be having a meet-and-greet at Radius Brewing on Friday, May 31 at 5:30 pm, after the afternoon rider meeting in Emporia. Drop by and say hi.



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Show links:

Patrick’s feature for Bicycling: 88 Temples

American Airlines eliminates oversize baggage fees



Images: Keystone Offroad, Dave Pryor

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