Paceline Podcast 112

Hottie took off with Mrs. Hottie for a bike-packing trip. Only they didn’t camp out and sleep in sleeping bags. They stayed in a hotel. He thinks Mrs. Hottie brought too much stuff. But just how much is too much? And for that matter, how little is too minimal?


Cramping and bonking. Other than crashing there might not be anything less fun in cycling—except for realizing you can’t afford your dream bike right now. Fatty talked to Dr. Stuart Porter who has introduced a new electrolyte product called Flow Core. It’s an interesting take on the cramping problem based on the way he wilted while racing Ironman Hawaii.

We tend to think of becoming a serious cyclist as a significant shift in life priorities. It’s a change, for sure. But how often do you think about how cycling has changed for you? Patrick has been examining his drives as a cyclist as well as his focus as a publisher and realized he is bike agnostic. Or bike neutral, depending on your outlook.



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