Hey, Just Ride 29

Rolling past bright yellow waves of mustard fields among the green fields of rye grass and tall fescue, Oregon’s spring pops in breathtaking fashion.

Vines strung out on vineyard posts and rows of hazelnut trees appear about to explode in colorful fashion, following the lead of cherry, peach and apple trees now filling out into splendid green clouds.

When I’m not pedaling out on deserted logging roads deep into the coast mountain forests, I cruise through the endless growing fields here in the fertile Willamette Valley.

Time moves on and seasons change.

Throughout the year I revel in the splendor of the evolving countryside.

Wheat fields will become golden tassels waving in the summer breeze.

Blueberry bushes will drop leaves in the fall and become bright red seas.

Bare winter trees expose views of mountains and streams hidden most of the year.

No matter what challenges we face, savor life in the present and always look ahead to the future for change.

Time to ride.

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