The Paceline Podcast 321

This week we delve into the merits of riding alone or in a group, inside or out, with a detour to discuss the challenges of introversion. We also have a PSA for some of the

Margin Walkers

I wrote this for Red Kite Prayer in 2013, but the song remains the same in 2023. I was a middle-class kid, as tormented by boredom as by the peer pressure of my preppy


Because of the nature of my work, I have a lot more flexibility than most of my friends. I can ride in the middle of the day, and certainly during the winter, that's a more

TCI Friday

You know the deal. I ask the questions. You give the answers, like an interrogation, but without the bad cop. As I explained on The Paceline this week, Evel Knievel was

In the Teeth

It was one of those classic, New England, omnidirectional headwinds. We'd screamed down the hill to the main drag, my eyes streaming despite my glasses, and my face contorted

That Place

I couldn't begin to explain to someone who hasn't been there, what is good about that place. It's a benighted place, but a simpler one as well. When you're there, maybe you

How to Get Off the Road

This one's for the roadies. I have friends who are dyed-in-the-wool road cyclists. The last few years have seen the numbers in their group rides dropping, and the media

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