Winter DIY Project

I know it's the end of summer, but there's not much I like more than a bad idea taken to its furthest logical extreme. Say you live in a cold weather clime, but you're

TCI Friday

I'm summered out. I've pushed and I've pedaled and I've sweated straight through this season. Gross. It's gotten so I'm sweating before I get out the door, the perspiration

Revolting Podcast 4

Robot and Stevil talk about going places by bike, all the good places, the weird places. Messengering. Seizures. Playing Tempest at the K-Mart arcade. Trespassing. Mountain

TCI Friday

We've talked about food a bit recently. I like food. Food tastes good. But you know, once you establish some bad habits, they're hard to break. That's what makes eating

TCI Friday

Most of my riding of late is with friends, rather than the meditative solo rambling I gravitate to naturally. Riding with other people means riding a little faster and a

Revolting Podcast 3

What's Wrong with Cycling? Stevil and Robot wonder why cyclists insist on siloing themselves and how cycling turned into a middle-class white person thing, at least as far as

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