TCI Friday

Allow me to describe for you, a coin with two sides, as if there is any other kind. On side one, you have a riding companion who is not having the best day, either by

Bash and Pop

Bash and Pop isn't just the rock band Tommy Stinson put together after the Replacements broke up. It's also a rudimentary technique for clearing obstacles on a bike on a

Revolting 100

The $64 Ka-Billion Dollar Pyramid. If you follow us on social media, you’ll know that, for our 100th episode we besought 100 listener questions, so now we’re gonna answer

Video – The Shore

I'm a daydreamer. And when I daydream, I daydream this. One of my Welsh cousins did a world tour in her twenties. She went everywhere. And when she stopped off with me in

TCI Friday

I want to design a pair of bike shorts with the nice people at Dickies. They already have a line of skateboarding apparel. Why not some bike stuff too? I took a pair of

TCI Friday

The bike-related injury (BRI) that kept me off the bike the longest was a cracked collarbone (which led to frozen shoulder) that took me out of circulation for four or five

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