TCI Friday

TCI Friday works best with YOUR input. Please join the conversation in the comments. I am the luckiest guy you know. I do what I want. I work with people I like and trust.


It only happened once or twice. I made a sort of kamikaze effort to get off the front of the group, the result of some combination of my own recklessness and everyone else's

Revolting 23

This is episode is about the events that made us change the way we do things. It is notoriously difficult to change people’s minds about things. First, what sorts of thing

TCI Friday

TCI Friday is meant to be a participatory activity. I do a little dance here at the beginning, and then I pose a question. The game works best if you put your thoughts in the

Groping for Fitness

'Groping,' as a word, has seen better days. It came into English from the Old English grapian, "to feel about (as in darkness or drunkenness)." Shortly after, Shakespeare

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