Outspoken Cyclist 536

Guests: Gersh Kuntzman; Chris Carmichael; Paul J. Lee We have two guests this evening and, as promised, our new weekly feature! My first guest is blunt, to the

Outspoken Cyclist 535

Guests: Steven Frothingham; Charles Pelkey & Patrick “Mad Dog” O’Grady HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had a great holiday – not too much carousing and all! With

Outspoken Cyclist 534

Guests: Jamie Anderson; Sean Wilson Happy boxing day – happy holidays – and I hope you are finding some time to relax! We’ve got almost two feet of snow here in NE Ohio

Outspoken Cyclist 533

Guests: Gary Fisher; Rob DeMartini As promised, Gary Fisher is back to talk about his new book, Being Gary Fisher And The Bicycle Revolution well,

Outspoken Cyclist 532

Guests: Phil Liggett; Kathryn Bertine We have a most interesting show today, highlighting two amazing people and the work that they do. His voice is unmistakable

Outspoken Cyclist 531

Guests: Leah Missbach Day; Mike Lessard; Dan De Vise Leah Missbach Day is the co-founder of World Bicycle Relief and shares how the organization is adjusting

Outspoken Cyclist 530

Guests: Jan Heine; Abbas Navqi There is always a lot of anticipation for the books, magazines, and bicycle components that come out of the prolific mind of Jan Heine.

Outspoken Cyclist 527

Guests: Paul Brodie; Lou Mazzante Tonight I welcome Paul Brodie. His handle is fussy framebuilder and at one time, Paul Brodie’s business produced hundreds of

Outspoken Cyclist 525

Guests: Peter Wilborn; Dr. Chris Cherry; Jacob Van Sickle How is politics impacting cycling?  Is there undue influence to how we perceive our “cycling movement” from the…

Outspoken Cyclist 524

Guests: Rob DeMartini; Tia Martinson; Ben Serotta We turn to racing this week with a keen eye to the future. Rob DeMartini, the new CEO of USA Cycling, didn’t come from a…

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