Outspoken Cyclist 566

Guest: Chris Kelly This week, the show is taking a different road – out to California to speak with just one guest in great conversation – frame builder Chris

Outspoken Cyclist 565

Guests: Justin McCurry; Iris Slappendel & Lexi Brown Well… it’s a version of the summer Olympics we’ve never seen before and I hope all the athletes are

Outspoken Cyclist 564

Guests: Shannon Galpin; Trudie Lobban My first guest is not new to The Outspoken Cyclist.. She is one of the bravest, most passionate, and ardent activists for

Outspoken Cyclist 563

Guests: Professor John Pucher; Martin Sigrist How much has changed in our world of cycling since 2012? When I think back to some of the very first chatter about advocacy

Outspoken Cyclist 562

Guests: Leah Goldstein; Russell Newell Well, this week saw some really cool things happen… Mark Cavendish winning some Tour de France stages, some

Outspoken Cyclist 560

Guests: Carter Strickland; Kyle Wagenschutz Their motto is “public land for public good”… and today, we speak with the NY State Director for the Trust for Public

Outspoken Cyclist 559

Guests: David Bradford; John Surico This week, we jump across the pond (as they say) to speak with David Bradford. David is the fitness editor for Cycling

Outspoken Cyclist 558

Guests: Clarice Lorenzini; Elli Sias In an article she wrote for teamusa.org’s triathlon site on May 19th, Clarice Lorenzini says: “I’m Clarice Lorenzini and

Outspoken Cyclist 557

Guest: Dave Snyder – CalBike We talk about advocacy, safety, trails, and planning a lot; and today, we wrap much of that into a conversation with Dave

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