Outspoken Cyclist #584

Guests: Natalie Rizzo; Amelia Neptune

Today, we’re going to talk about FAT and why it is important to INCLUDE as opposed to EXCLUDE fat in your diet.

Of course, that doesn’t mean just any fat – there’s good fat and bad fat and Natalie Rizzo, who is a registered sports dietician with a Masters in Science and who recently wrote an article for Runner’s World titled “How Much Fat Should Runners Eat Per Day? will help break it all down.

I figured that if it’s good enough for runners, it’s certainly good enough for cyclists.

Natalie is a registered dietician in NYC and her goal is to teach you how to use science-based sports nutrition techniques to feel and perform at your best. You can find out more about Natalie and her work on her website.

There are 5 E’s of a League of American Bicyclist’s “Bicycle Friendly Community:”

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI): A Bicycle Friendly America for Everyone

Engineering: Creating safe and convenient places to ride and park

Encouragement: Creating a strong bike culture that welcomes and celebrates bicycling

Education: Giving people of all ages and abilities the skills and confidence to ride

Evaluation & Planning: Planning for bicycling as a safe and viable transportation option

Amelia Neptune is the director of the Bicycle Friendly America Program and recently the League announced 57 new Bicycle Friendly Communities for 2021.

I wanted to know how a BFC title is awarded, how the designations – from bronze to titanium – are determined, and how things have changed since the program was first initiated in 1995.

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