Outspoken Cyclist 588

Guest: Scott Sheppard

In an unprecedented move (wow – I got to use that word… even though I believe it’s about the most overused word in our lexicon these days…) I am offering up two separate podcast episodes this week.

I had two great interviews and, rather than one really LONG show, I thought two shorter shows, with two extremely diverse topics, would be more interesting AND I get to talk with you twice in one week!

So, the SECOND episode this week will launch on Wednesday!

Today, however, we mosey on over to Lisbon, Portugal (I wish it was in person, but alas, ’tis not possible.)

Scott Sheppard is the CCO and CPO of Asistobe, a new-ish start-up with an office in Lisbon. Asistobe is a relatively new start-up company that uses AI to optimize public transport and multimodal systems.

Asistobe and Scott are looking at just that right “nudge” as Scott calls it,  that will make it easy, convenient, and desirable to NOT get behind the wheel of your car every time you go out and instead begin to rely on more convenient, less expensive, and cleaner transportation.

We will explore mobility and transportation from the perspective of using digital data to make it easier and more efficient to travel by bike and public transportation.

Our conversation covers much more, expanding on what traditional thoughts might be about urban planning to what Scott called “decarbonization.”

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