A Useful Review – The Leatt 6.0 Clip V22 Shoe

This is the Leatt 6.0 Clip V22 shoe. Beyond the mystery implicit in its name, i.e., is this the 6th version of the shoe or the 22nd?, it’s a pretty straightforward mid-priced trail shoe. Leatt started as a motocross brand focused specifically on neck braces that would prevent catastrophic injuries. After some years they evolved into mountain bike protection products too. It’s only the last two seasons they’ve made shoes for trail riding, so I’ll forgive them the naming foibles, but next season, I’m going to need them to get their act together.

I bought a pair of the 6.0 Clips sort of speculatively. I was aware of Leatt as a maker of knee pads but didn’t know they made shoes. These were on sale (note: I paid for them), and I liked the color. Sometimes I make decisions like that, and I know you do too.

Our friends at Shimano also make an interesting new trail shoe, the RX-6. I think this one is pretty handsome too. Check it out.

So, the very first impression of these guys, just pulling them on in the house before riding, was that they are very stiff-soled. When I first put them on, I was sorta astonished how stiff they were actually. They’re not errand running shoes, not comfy for walking around all day. They ARE super stable and responsive on the bike, and I really like riding in them.

They’ve got a single BOA closure, which ratchets forward to tighten rolls backwards to release. They’re easy in and easy out. They cinch down on the foot nicely. And actually, they’re not bad to walk in. They’re just not good to walk in, if you know what I mean.

They retail for $149.99 (but are on sale for $104.99 as we speak, direct from Leatt). They come in Black, Malbec, and Desert. I got the Malbec, which is a twist in my usual plot of only buying things that are black or gray. They have a snazzy gum sole. I’m a sucker for a gum sole.

If you found this review useful OR have questions about these shoes. Leave it in comments below.

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  1. Wyatt says

    Wait, are you riding clipped in again? I of course would understand.

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Wyatt – I ride clipped in on the hardtail and gravel bike. Platforms on the FS MTB.

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