A Useful Review – The Defeet Wooleator 5″ D-Logo

When I talk about the DeFeet Wooleator 5” D-Logo sock, I am talking specifically about the charcoal gray version, and here’s why: I prefer my cycling stuff to do double, triple, or even quadruple duty. The Wooleator, specifically in charcoal (they make them in all sorts of designs and colors), gives you that versatility. 

First, it’s a thin wool sock. You can wear it all year long. In winter it’s a base sock under a thicker wool sock. In spring and fall it’s all the sock you need. In summer, it’s pretty breathable. I’d wear it on short rides. But that’s just riding bikes. That’s just the beginning.

I also run in it and use it as a base sock for winter hiking. Again, it’s thinness means it takes another sock on top without causing any bunching or crowding problems in your shoe.

Understated, breathable elegance.

But here’s the coup de grace. It’s also a dress sock. I’m a bike rider for chrissakes. I’m a writer. I spend my days rolling around in the dirt or feet up on the couch tippity-tapping at this laptop. I don’t maintain a wardrobe that includes dress socks.

The Wooleator, in charcoal, makes a fine dress sock. OK, it’s got a little D-logo on it. It’s pretty innocuous, and even if people at your fancy dinner or event notice it, I feel like it’s only truth in advertising. I’m only a visitor on your planet. I’m a bike rider.

As an aside, this sock comes in a 3″ version, and I don’t hate that sock, but it’s not great as a dress sock then at least for me. I got a pair of wicked hairy ankles. Now you know.

The DeFeet Wooleator 5″ is $18.99 retail, which is not bad for a wool sock made in the USA with recycled fibers. They are durable as hell, due to something called Repreve, basically a yarn made from recycled plastic water bottles, mixed in with their US grown merino (Oregon). It’s all the good things from a company doing things the right way, and I have pairs that are more than 5 years old. 

I’d get married in these socks, and I hope you will too.

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  1. TominAlbany says

    I have some Wooleators that I’ve had for well over a decade. Their shit holds up, too!

    Note: Those old socks are a little thicker.

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