A Useful Review – The BonDry Hydration Bladder Dryer

This time of year, I’m pretty frequently turning to a hydration pack for long mountain bike adventures. And unlike standard water bottles that are straightforward to clean and dry via dishwasher or sink and drying rack, hydration bladders can be a bit more challenging to maintain.

I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t birthed some unintentional chemistry projects through some basic laziness and the challenges of cleaning and drying what is really a high-tech plastic shopping bag. Even when I didn’t cholera or a case of the “struggles,” who wants to ride around wondering if they’re poisoning themselves with their water supply.

Of course, because I often mix electrolyte into my pack, that concern is heightened. Organic matter loves fuel, and I’m not trying to grow a terrarium on my back, although that’s a cool idea.

Enter the BonDry Hydration Bladder Dryer. It’s basically a highly absorptive plant-based strip you slip into the bladder, let sit for a short while, and pull it out again. It will air dry itself. I have two I keep in pretty regular rotation, and they work a treat.

They are $24.99 (actually on sale from fossiloutdoors.com for $19.99 right now). They are made in the USA, and Fossil Outdoors also make an array of dryers for other vessels, so check them out.

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