A Useful Review – Oofos Recovery Footwear

Before we get into it on these shoes, I’m going to throw out some caveats, because I think it’s important not to just flog product without giving specific guidance and context, so here goes:

  • Do not wear these to a wedding.
  • Do not travel in them. They can be in your house and in your car, but respect yourself and those around you.
  • Fashion is not important, but it’s not not important.

So, when you put on your Oofos recovery sandals (in clog, slide, or flip-flop format), just know that these are what the Germans call ‘hausschuhe.’ They stay in your home, or in your car, for when you’re driving home from a ride or something. They canNOT, like the Defeet Wooleater 5” sock in charcoal gray, be snuck into everyday work or life scenarios.

This is a sideways heads up to all you public-place-Crocs-wearers out there. And for the love of all that’s holy, if you do wear them in public, NO SOCKS!!!

Here’s the problem. Oofos recovery footwear is stupid comfortable. It’s so stupid comfortable, you’re really gonna wanna wear these more. I shuffle around in mine constantly, despite the fact they utilize a technology called Oofoam. They’re like little foot pillows.

Post ride, my two highest priorities are getting out of my chamois and getting out of my shoes. Sometimes I even daydream, while riding, about getting the Oofos on. How weird is that?

The company makes a bunch of claims about recovering faster, destressing your joints, etc. I don’t care really. They feel good. I buy that they’re helping me. I just wish they looked better.

The slides and sandals are $59.95. I’ve had mine for three years, and they’ve seen a LOT of wear. You should get some, but if I see you at the airport wearing them, no Cinnabon for you!

The Cycling Independent is brought to you, in part, by Shimano North America. Yeah, those guys.

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  1. petecraft says

    After a bike/car collision and a compound fractured ankle I really used the Oofos as recovery footwear. When my external bars and rods were removed and I could start with some weight bearing these sandals were all I could use to walk around. I was wearing them in public but I was ecstatic just to be walking so I didn’t care how they looked. Things are good now and I don’t wear them as much but they are still so comfy they should be illegal. Five stars.

  2. TominAlbany says

    I have a pair. Love’em!

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