Video – What’s it like being a female cyclist in Bangalore?

One of my very closest friends is Meghna. She grew up in Bangalore, India and Lagos, Nigeria. She and I ran two ultramarathons together last year, and one thing we talked about a lot over all those miles was Indian representation in the sports we both love, as in, there just isn’t enough of it. Yet.

So here’s a video from Bangalore that zooms in on some everyday female cyclists in one of India’s many big cities (Bangalore’s population is roughly equal to New York’s). As it turns out, cyclists are a lot the same (surprise), with most of the same concerns and experiences wherever you go and whatever you look like.

My original plan was to post a video in Tamil, the primary language of Bangalore, but this one caught my attention, just because it seemed to catch the experience of some of the city’s commuters in their own words.

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