Video – United in Gravel

Shimano sponsors TCI, and as a sponsor, we try to share their messages in meaningful ways. When I watched this video, I thought, “Oh boy, they are biting off an awful lot with this one.” It’s a big message.

But then at the end I thought, “They nailed it.” I mean, this is everything we need to say about inclusivity in cycling. It’s beautifully shot. Is it an ad? I suppose so. But is it a celebration of what the bike can do for society too? Definitely. I think so. We’re proud to share it.

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  1. khal spencer says

    I’m not sure it has to be gravel, but that is a pretty cool ad. Checks a lot of boxes, too. Inclusivity. Nature. Adventure. And I’d much rather see gravel bikes out in the wild than idiots behind the wheel of 4×4’s, like in some of those destructive ads I’ve seen.

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