Video – Pyrenean Textures

I was unaware of Killian Bron when this video came across my feed. Here’s what I can tell you from hours of deep and concentrated research. He’s French, and he’s rad.

Bron is an enduro rider, which you will grok straight away watching this little film. He goes down real fast and real good. If you should wander from this video into the others he has made, you will discover that he likes to ride in stunningly beautiful places (unlike you and me, who prefer tracts of single-track behind malls or elementary schools).

Anyway, have this little bit of inspo-tainment (if I ever use this word again, please smack me forcefully) for your Friday, and let it launch you into something 10% as exciting for your weekend riding. That will still be wholly satisfying, if not cinematically epic.

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