Video – Kris Kyle Hot Air Balloon BMX

Obviously, there’s a ton of money in the energy drink market. Maybe we should make a TCI-branded sugary/caffeine/anti-depressant slurry and stick it in a brightly colored can, because then we could bankroll the kinds of stupid human tricks Redbull throws their spare Euros behind.

I do love Kris Kyle though. He’s a world class BMX rider, who is pretty handy on a mountain bike, and has one of those Scottish accents that forces you to figure out the closed captioning on your device. Part of me thinks I shouldn’t be sharing this, because it will only encourage more stupidity. The other part (the dominant one obviously) applauds his commitment to a dumb idea, because what is life, really, but one long, dumb idea that most of us strive to keep boring?

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  1. bart says

    That made me queasy just watching it. I kept wondering what their plan was in case he “went over the edge”? Did they have sky-divers ready to dive-bomb to catch him?

    1. Emlyn Lewis says

      @Bart – He was wearing a parachute. The whole thing made me queasy too.

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