Video – Keep It Wild – Ayato Kimura

There’s some real unorthodox nonsense going on here. No pads. No full-face helmet. I’m not even sure it’s a freeride video. Sure, there’s a section of jumps, skids, and woodsy tricks, but then there are urban trials hijinks, too. Death-defying drops and jumps on all surfaces, many of them very high.

The thing is Ayato Kimura is young, and I don’t think anyone has told him he’s not supposed to do these things this way. I’m usually skeptical when someone says they’re getting wild. Humans love hyperbole. But I was wrong in my assumption. Kimura gets wild. Real wild.

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  1. Wyatt says

    This kid is raw but he rides with a forward tilt and hard charging style. I dig it.

  2. TominAlbany says

    At least he parks his bike chain-side-up!

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