Video – Huayhuash

A long time ago I worked with a little woman named Celinda, who, in her youth, had been a ballerina in Peru, where she grew up. Celinda liked to say to me, “Una papa, a la vez, Juanito. Una papa, a la vez,” which means ‘one potato at a time.’ Celinda felt my impatience with life. I think about those potatoes all the time, still.

Having been christened in the church of traditional cycling, I was given the impression that France was the only suitable fantasy cycling destination. Spain, Italy and Switzerland might also pass. But a place like Peru was on no one’s list, which, once you watch this film, you’ll know is dumb as a sack of potatoes.

This one comes from Bike magazine, whose print magazine is no longer. There is a heavy bro element here, but I found it easy to look past. Peru is gorgeous, intense, and formidable. See for yourself.

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