The Pull: Sociologist Ben Brewer

This week I’m taking a slightly different tack and am interviewing an academic. My guest is sociologist Ben Brewer of James Madison University. Brewer picked up the cycling bug in the 1980s as a teenager and had the good sense never to lose his interest in the sport. Like many cycling enthusiasts, he appreciates a great custom frame; Brewer has owned several, including a Land Shark.

As an academic, he became interested in just how big the custom frame building community is. It’s an interesting question: just how many custom frame builders are there? But Brewer wanted to know more than how many people are building, he wanted to get a picture of the profession. He has created an interesting survey for frame builders and he’s with us today to discuss it and what he hopes to learn from it.

The Pull is brought to you by the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, the world’s premiere gathering of frame builders and frame building enthusiasts. The 2020 show will take place March 20th to 22nd at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas Texas. We hope to see you there.


Ben’s survey of frame builders

Ben Brewer

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