The Pull: Frame Builder Carl Strong, Part I

On this week’s show, my guest is frame builder Carl Strong. The Bozeman, Montana-based builder behind Strong Frames is best known for the titanium road and gravel frames he makes from titanium, something he’s been doing for more than 20 years. Recently, though, Strong launched a new venture, called Pursuit by Carl Strong. Working with some other bike industry veterans, Pursuit is building monocoque carbon fiber frames, in Bozeman, making them the second operation to build all its frames in the U.S., along with Allied Cycle Works.

Strong’s aesthetic is one of classy, if understated, bikes that benefit from a fit that can only be achieved with a custom frame and handling that comes with experience as varied as Strong’s.

This interview, like many of the builder interviews I do, runs long. I’ve split it into two parts to make it easier to digest. The first part largely focuses on Strong Frames, while part two will focus on Pursuit.

Show links:

Strong Frames

Pursuit by Carl Strong

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