The Paceline Podcast #19

Fatty is back and has stories of keeping up with his training while training for a new job. He was on the road, in hotels, and wonders if those stationary bikes he rode did anything for his fitness.

Of all the questions a regular cyclist is asked, “Doesn’t that hard seat hurt your butt?” has to be in the top three. The stock answer of sitting on ones sit bones and developing some toughness is usually adequate. But tell a non-cyclist about the application of cream that can be added to reduce friction and the newbie is back in a state of confusion. So The Paceline figured it was time to own up to our chamois rituals. Padraig, Fatty and Michael answer the question, chamois cream or not?

The Paceline picks out some highlights from the Amgen Tour of California including a follow up on the Dutchman turned Californian featured in Show #18. We also focus on the women’s competition. Michael spoke with the winner and a teammate about their success and their plans for the games in Rio.

Padraig has been checking out the new group set by Rotor. It’s hydraulic actuated shifting. We also have the latest on a bike with a left-side drive train.  This machine will be featured at cycling’s highest level this August.



Show Links:

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Saddle sores and their source on FatCyclist

Fattty reviews DZ Nuts

True Temper pulling out of steel tubing for bikes


Image: Paul Downey, via Flickr Creative Commons

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