The Paceline 155

This week we shake things up a bit and Selene takes the reins of the show. Patrick talks about his longest ever day, mileage-wise, on the bike.

Selene recently reported on a new study on personality and exercise. And if you think that cycling is the domain of lone-wolf introverts, you’d be … wrong. Yep, sports like cycling and cross fit are just as likely to attract extroverts as team sports like basketball or soccer. Who knew?

Shimano has just announced a new series of groups created for gravel riders, but with significant application for cyclocross racers. Called GRX, it is available in three different versions and includes a number of features dialed to the needs of riders exploring unpaved roads. Patrick interviews Shimano’s Nick Legan about the new groups and the needs that Shimano identified to justify creating the series.



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