The Cycling Independent Grows!

AMERICA, ST. (TBMCIH) — The Cycling Independent, currently the fast-growing independent media brand is bolstering its presence in cycling by announcing the acquisition of All Hail The Black Market, led by cycling icon Stevil Kinevil.

The initial agreement was a hand job and a hand shake. But later in the day Mr. Kinevil upped this after interested publishers came forward, possibly but not proven to include Bicycling magazine, Mountain Bike Action and Metro Weekly. His price now included a pack of cigarettes and a burrito with said handy.  

“I’ve agreed to all those terms and it’s awesome beyond awesome to have Stevil’s brand in my … our hands,” said Patrick Brady, founder and Publisher of The Cycling Independent.

The AHTBM hand-off adds considerable readership and zero revenue to The Cycling Independent’s cycling space, and might not add any momentum to the company’s FREE no-membership program with NO annual fee.

Editor In Chief Mike Cushionbury had this to say, “We’re an independent publishing brand with no handcuffs on our wrists (outside of our personal bedrooms) locked into corporate publishing that is becoming more and more pay to play for you the reader as well as brands who desire said coverage.

“If you value truth and originality over homogenized, paid-for, rehashed content from the same corporate owned outlets please subscribe. We don’t require it and never will but we live and survive from your support and as such we’d love to have you as part of our community.”

Hence moving forward TCI will be now known as The Black Market Cycling Independent Hail Thing or simply, TBMCIHT. Not quite TacocaT spelled the same front to back but close.

While our long-term business model will probably never evolve much, our site will remain free of pay walls with even more unique, insightful and original content coming as we near our one-year anniversary. We’re thrilled about the ideas tossed out at the bar already, which have already been forgotten along with this sale that never happened.

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  1. bluezurich says

    ‘Velonews sells out to Outside’ (It’s been slowly morphing into Bicycling for the past few years anyway)

    ‘Well, at least there’s Cyclingtips’ (The homogenization continues)

    Hmmmm……Maybe if Tizcycling had a love child with TCI, that would be worth a subscription

  2. Mike Cushionbury says

    I like that idea!

  3. Tim Jackson says

    I can’t heart this enough. So many hearts. All the hearts. Hearts for errbody.

  4. southcarolinamtb says

    Stevil is someone I have enjoyed reading a good bit in the past. Down to earth, and usually has topics that make you consider various angles.

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