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From Us, To You

In anticipation of Thanksgiving, Padraig and I did a gratitude session on the last episode of The Paceline. Gratitude is, for me, an integral part of mental

Paceline Podcast 265

John takes on a listener question this week regarding the notion of Safety 3rd. Is it foolhardy or a sound philosophy? John and Patrick ponder its

TCI Friday

Like you, I've had gratitude bouncing around my brain for the last couple days. I have so much to be thankful for that it's hard to know where to begin. In a


There was a moment, late in Saturday's ride, as my legs were feeling the shakiness that comes with an end-of-ride near-bonk, when I realized I was happy. Not

The Paceline Podcast 179

This week Selene and Patrick talk Thanksgiving. The talk turns from turkeys to the real occasion of the holiday, what we are grateful for and they run down…

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