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A Bear in the Hood

This morning we received an email from the Superintendent of Schools letting us know that school would be delayed by an hour, because a bear had been seen in

Suspended Animation

At any given time in the cycling industry, or maybe actually in the cycling zeitgeist, there is a primary animating idea that gives the underlying industry its

Cultural Lag

Robert Oppenheimer, pictured above, was a brilliant scientist with a specialization in nuclear reactions. He led the team that developed the first atomic bomb

TCI Friday

It seems like the week of the eBike in my life. My own is down currently with a bad battery. More on that story as it develops. Padraig and I talked about

A Genie With No Bottle

The advent of ebikes has been a terrific boon to the bicycle industry. Ebikes are bringing people into bike shops who last visited one wearing polyester bell

TCI Friday

Have you ever met a person who, if everybody likes a particular thing, dislikes it on principle? Sort of a mix of curmudgeon and contrarian. Like a

Paceline Podcast 115

Cycling is a great way to both enjoy the journey and the destination. Put another way it makes getting there fun. But how important should goals be? Are goals…

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