The Paceline Podcast #3

Morality takes center stage on The Paceline. We talk about the honor system when signing up for an event and those who take advantage. This started with an innocent post by a Paceline host, but turned into a bit of a firestorm. Competitive cyclists are some of the toughest people on the planet, but calling one a sandbagger can result in some hurt feeelings.

A cross wind has hit mountain bikers and just like in a road race, the field could be split. A former IMBA leader signs up for a new team and asks his former followers to join him.

Whoever said “there ought to be a law” should listen to our segment on two new bike regulations we dug up. One makes cyclists creating traffic back-ups pull over. The other would require flags raised 15 feet high on all bikes. Yeah, right.

We also hear from one of the greatest rock-n-roll singers of all time and his comeback from a wicked crash.

Show Links:

Cycling and sandbagging

Sustainable Trails Coalition

Bono’s cool video and cooler cause

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